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Tplink Access Point Tl-Wa901Nd

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DESCRIPTION Tplink Access Point Tl-Wa901Nd TL-WA901ND Why does this product

The Wireless Access Point N TL-WA901ND TP-LINK is designed to establish or expand a N wireless high-speed network scalable or to connect multiple Ethernet devices such as game consoles, media players, printers or storage devices networked a wireless network. The TL-WA901ND supports a wide range of functionality that increases the level of flexibility to your network. You can now enjoy a better Internet experience when downloading content, play games, stream video or other functionality.

Passive mode PoE

The TL-WR901ND can be powered via an Ethernet cable to send data and simultaneously supply power to the location of the access point to a distance of about 30 meters. This functionality enables different installation options. Thus, you can place the access point at the most convenient location, such as the wall or ceiling of his office, in order to obtain the best possible signal level.

The TL-WA901ND adopts advanced MIMO (Multi Input Multi Output), according to the IEEE 802.11n standard. For this, it uses two antennas simultaneously in both transmission and reception of data. Thus, interference and signal degradation are avoided when transmitted over long distances or through physical barriers within, for example, an office or apartment. As a result, a great improvement is obtained in wireless performance, even in buildings constructed of steel and concrete. As a result of this, it is able to easily grasp a wireless signal outputted long distance unlike 11g if a previous generation device is used. Multiple operating modes: easy to deploy wireless networks

Supports AP Client, Bridge, Repeater and AP operation modes to enable various wireless applications to give users a more dynamic and comprehensive experience When using your AP. Multiple operating mode Also Helps you build wireless network Easily for hard-to-wire locations Eliminating or wireless dead zone.</P.

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