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Kikkoman - Tempura Dipping Sauce -Pack 12 x 10 FL Oz (296 ML)

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Kikkoman Tempura Dipping Sauce, 10 Ounce -- 12 per case. Delicately fried tempura just isnt the same without a flavorful dipping sauce. Kikkoman Tempura Dipping Sauce was created to accentuate the natural flavors of shrimp, seafood and vegetable tempura. Made in the traditional manner, using real fish stock and naturally brewed soy sauce, this ready to go sauce is concentrated so its economical to use. Just add hot water according to the directions on the bottle and you have a classic dipping sauce in moments. Also included on every bottle is a recipe for making an easy tempura batter. Country of Origin: United States


soy sauce;water;wheat soybeans;salt;sugar water;vinegar;bonito extract;fish;natural flavor;monosodium glutamate;caramel color;disodium inosinate;disodium guanylate succinic acid;sodium benzoate: less than 1/10 0f 1% as a preservative

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