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I-Glow One Solar LED Lantern-96208010

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The Sollatek I-Glow One is an economical and robust LED
lantern with in-built solar panel and battery for ease of
use. It is ideal for all small scale off-grid applications.

  • Features:
  1. Main Lamp has 2 brightness settings
  2. Secondary reading Lamp with adjustable angle
  3. Dual way charging (by solar panel and charging unit through USB)
  4. 5 in 1 mobile charging cable provided
  5. 1.4W Solar Panel Poly-crystalline
  6.  3.7V/2200mAh Li-ion Battery
  7.  Reading Light: Nominal 45 lumens
  8. Max. 50 lumens in full battery
  9.  Main Light: High setting: Nominal 85 lumens
  10. Max. 110 lumens in full battery
  11. Main Light: Low setting: Nominal 50 lumens
  12. Max. 55 lumens in full battery
  13. Reading light: 14hrs runtime
  14. Main light brightest setting: 6 hours runtime
  15. Main light low setting: 8 hours runtime
  16. Battery fully charged from solar after 8hours
  17. (1kw/m2 sunshine)
  18. 1 hour of charge of smartphone and 3 hours of light (lowest setting) or reading light
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