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Fridge Stabilizer Up To 500LTRS-Fridge Right

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As both high and low mains voltage can damage your electrical equipment, the Sollatek Fridge-Right is designed to monitor and correct the incoming supply continuously. If the voltage rises or drops, it will correct the output to ensure that the voltage reaching your equipment remains within the operating range of the appliances connected to it. The Sollatek Fridge-Right is easy to use, with a red LED indicating a problem with the voltage input, and a green LED indicating good input, and has an on/ off switch to power the unit.

  • Low & High Voltage Cut-off Protection Fail Safe Circuit Protection
  • Microprocessor controlled stabilizer
  • Very wide input voltage range
  • Excellent output voltage stability
  • Includes surge and spike suppression Extremely fast response
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Brand Blanc
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