Camelion 60LED Rechargeable Working Light - RS660

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Its rechargeable feature gives you the chance to be eco-friendly. This rechargeable light is long-lasting and can be used for over 500 charging cycles. Its LED feature makes it energy-saving and it requires little maintenance. Just ensure that you charge it after you use it so it is all ready for you the next time you need it.

Power cuts are quite frequent in most areas, especially in summers. This is why it is a good idea to invest in a reliable emergency light. One such light is the 60 LED emergency light - safe and easy to use. Its helpfull when your car breakdown on the road when are travelling in the night.


  • Cordless work light features a total of 60 LED’s
  • 60 white LED’s in the front that work great for a spotlight or a work light.
  • Rrechargeable by a 12V or 110V-240V charger
  • Water, Oil, and Shock Resistant
  • Suitable for vehicle use, outdoor activities, emergencies, handy man use, boating, camping, and much more!
  • Recharge time is only 2 hours.
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