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Rabbit 2 in 1 Bluetooth Speaker and Massager

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1.Product Size:139*149*178mm   
2. Package size:122*122*187mm 
3.Quantity/Carton:48 Piece            
4.Carton Size:50*50*59cm                             
5. What's In Box:                 
1*Multicolor Lamp                        
1*USB Cable                                         
1*Instructions Manual    
Tap Functions:
- Push the power button to start the lamp in warm white mode. 
- First tap will switch lamp to bright white light.
- Second tap will start slow-changing colors.
- Third tap will speed up the color changes.
- Fourth tap will pause the lamp on a color.
- Continue tapping the lamp to restart the cycle.
1. Choose between 3 different modes and 8 vibrant colors.
2. Eco friendly and high quality non-toxic soft washable silicone + ABS material safe for babies and toddlers. No sharp parts and can be put into bed.
3. No need to replace batteries and doesn't get hot. Micro USB charge point.
4. Silicone part can be detached and is machine washable.
1. Charge the night lamp fully for first time use. The light indicator light will stay red while charging.
2. Press the main power button to turn on lamp to warm white light mode.
3. Tap the silicone surface to switch between colors and modes.
1. Do not dismantle the internal light fitting.
2. If not using the lamp for a long period store it somewhere dry.

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